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During the last month or so I have realized that my website is getting a great deal of spam. Not just a few spam comments here and there but a lot of the damn stuff. Now having looked around a couple of black hat discussion boards I realized that this system is quite popular. I thought I’d do a little experiment! Scrapebox by the way can be great for finding blogs relevant to your niche if used in a white hat way, which will be covered when I begin to put up some tools for Search engine marketing Reviews. To tell the truth anyone with blog with any real visitors would always reject them anyway. On the other hand some people don’t know how to use WordPress blogs effectively too, me included.After harvesting a few (very few) I let Scrapebox rip and off it went auto commenting on blogs (sorry incidentally if you were one of these). Within an hour I got a message from one of the people that I had spammed and he told me that 90% of those who left comments gave an incorrect email. If the link did get approval then the it’s likely that the page has or will be spammed to death anyway. So having used your time harvesting URL’s to find possible spamming victims, wasting more time whist the spamming application does it’s work and checking to find out if any of the comment stuck would it have been really worth the time in the first place. There will probably be a few individuals who come on here and comment to state that this does work if it is implemented correctly but for the time spent would not it be better to find a few webpage’s with high page ranking and write a proper comment relating to their posts. At the end of the day regardless how many backlinks you have if the ones you do have are from high quality – high page ranking and related websites as these are worth much more and so are more likely to attract referrals too.You can find more about this along with other SEO topics at SEO Forum Tips and Tricks.

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