How To Start A Blog

Article by Anuj Bora

There are folks who are brand new to the net business, so I decided to spend a small amount of my time and write a simple guide on how to you can start a blog , which works miracles for brand new members whenever they think they are ready. This is a simple guide to help you them.<h4> Registering your Domain </h4>Your domain plays key role in SEO and is the first task in blogging. SEO is Search engine ranking. When registering a url, there are few stuff you have to consider.-The shorter your domain, the better.-Your domain must contain your main keyword(s).-I highly recommend a. com or a good. net because of WEBSITE POSITIONING.-Make the domain easy to remember.A domain prefer howtomakemoneyonline. com is too long, even though it is right to the situation, onlinemoney. com is a much better domain, or. net generally if the. com isn

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Sick submitter 3

Article by Kenny Freeman

There have been many challengers to Senuke’s reign as the top automated SEO tool available.

None happen to be able to knock off the champ. Some have lacked the robust feature set of SEnuke. Others have been horribly buggy and not lived up to the brash promises of the creators. Until recently.

The SEO and IM community have been quick to jump on alternative options to SEnuke and give them a try. Usually, those same people end up going right back to SEnuke after a couple of weeks of disappointment with their new toy.

Well, recently there’s a new tool out that finally gives SEnuke a run. It’s called Sick Submitter.

Sick Submitter has actually got to be one of the best kept secrets within the marketing world and it is by far a better alternative to SENuke. I have to admit, I saw some people recommending it on a popular forum, but when I first visited the sales page, I just didn’t have it.

And at a price you won’t believe! How about $ 19.99 per month? Now compare this price with SEnuke $ 120 per month! (price will go up to 29.99 for new users soon).

So what exactly is Sick submitter?

You really need a little background information before I can explain the true power of this tool. So here goes..

On the internet, there are a number “platforms” that allow people like you and me to create profiles (like forums), make comments (like blogs) even you could make your own blogs on other people’s domains (like WordPress MU).

Now, imagine if you had a tool that could setup accounts at hundreds (if not thousands) of this type of site, and then automate the posting of the information to them.

For example, Sick could create 1000 forum profiles for you personally, and include a link back to your site, or to a Web 2.0 property in which you have been building up your own content. However, this is not where I have found the power in Sick. What I have done is to setup Sick to ensure that I have created my own blog networks on various platforms, and then post to each of these sites on a regular basis.OK, you’re starting to feel the power of Sick Submitter, but we haven’t finished yet.

The way Sick is built means that ANYONE can create their own packets of sites. Don’t worry if the thought of that scares you.. Others are creating packets and giving them away (or selling them) on the Sick forum. You can get packets that will create accounts on post articles on article directory sites, WordPress MU sites, ELGG sites, etc. You can get packets that will post to website directories. In fact you will get packets to post to just about any platform.

Now, the true power of this tool isn’t in the packets, but in the templates you may also get. A template allows you to you could make your own functioning packets, by pasting inside a list of URLs, selecting the packet and hitting build. A script will be created that you can then use to submit your articles & links to the URLs you entered. URLs can be scraped with a tool like Scrapebox, which means that you are not using the same sites to publish your stuff to as everybody else. You can build up your own library of websites.

Overall, Sick is hugely flexible as proven by the ingenious coders that are creating packets and templates for Sick to ensure that we have the ability to post to just about any platform on the web.Sick submitter will do the basic stuff well, however it excels at giving you variety and innovation.

Basic stuff include: Automated Profile Generation, Unlimited Profiles, Directory submissions, Sick Builder allows you to code your own platformsRSS creation and submission, Works with popular Captcha services, Link wheel options, Pinging of URLs you create, Proxy harvester and testerand so much more..

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When you visit the Sick submitter 3? site, you really don’t get a real idea of the power that this tool wields. My results have been nothing short of amazing, and Sick is one of my most highly recommended tools. At the price it is per month (.99) plus the new features added each month too, you really cannot go wrong with Sick Submitter.

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